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ALFA International is a community of 145 mid- to large-scale law firms whose member associates represent a broad range of practice areas worldwide. In Spring 2013, ALFA International Chief Marketing Officer Debby Hecht engaged Betadac to develop and deliver a customized six-part social media training course focused primarily on LinkedIn.

Engaging With the Changing Face of LinkedIn.

Leveraging LinkedIn effectively has become a critical component of professional identity management, so ALFA International engaged Betadac to educate its staff and member attorneys on the latest features and functionality. Betadac’s customized series explored both elementary and intermediate-level topics ranging from basic profile development and maintenance to industry-specific best practices and discussion of newly released features. Participants were coached on ways to deploy LinkedIn to more effectively market themselves, to consolidate their position as specialized thought leaders, and to increase their business.

A Customized, Cross-Proficiency Platform.

Our immediate challenge was accessibility. We had to develop a curriculum suitable for an audience of several hundred attorneys ranging from junior associates to senior partners to in-house marketing staff, individuals with a wide divergence in their fluency with LinkedIn. And because attendees participated from around the world—including Australia, Canada, Japan, Poland, and Venezuela—we had to ensure that programming was not only content-accessible, but also scheduled conveniently across time zones.

Dan Saavedra met with Chief Marketing Officer Debby Hecht to refine course targets and priorities relevant to the ALFA International community. Then, through a blend of prepared materials, screen-share demonstration, moderated chat, and Q&A sessions, Dan led six interactive sessions staged throughout the course of the month. Two curricula—an introductory stream and an intermediate-advanced stream—ensured that attorneys with a range of social media skill sets were able to derive real benefit.

Unanimously Positive Feedback.

Participant feedback on Betadac’s LinkedIn series was unanimously positive. 85% of respondents were  “very satisfied” with Dan’s expertise on the topic—the remaining 15% were “satisfied”—and every single respondent would recommend the session to a colleague or friend. ALFA International was extremely pleased with these results. 

“Dan was very knowledgeable and his suggestions for improving profiles were well received across the board. I would definitely recommend Dan as a social media expert and trainer.”
– Dennis Wells, ALFA International’s Manager of Marketing and Communications.

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