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Chaos to Order has appeared on TV shows ranging from The Oprah Winfrey Show to TLC’s Hoarding: Buried Alive. They’ve been featured in print such as Better chaos to order, chicago web designHomes and Gardens and InStyle. They’ve forged sponsorship and spokesperson relationships with national brands that include eBay Classifieds, Fiskars, and Sterilite. The Chaos to Order blog has a community of loyal and active followers that translates into thousands of page views per month. How’d we get here?

Founded in 1990 by president Monica Friel, Chaos to Order is an organizational and efficiency services provider with a team of professional organizers working across Chicago and Atlanta. Chaos to Order was flourishing and Monica recognized that she’d need to establish a web presence to maximize and manage her business’s exposure. Monica called on Betadac over a decade ago to develop her first website and we’ve been their marketing and online media advisor ever since.

From website development and social media, to hardware selection, to search engine optimization, Betadac Media supports Chaos to Order’s powerful, diversified online presence; one that’s led to a loyal blog following, lucrative sponsorships, and national media appearances on television and in print. Most importantly, their business is growing and the website is consistently the top referrer of new client business.

“I like to be really hands-on with my business, to be as involved as I can be. Dan allows me to do that; he’ll teach me what I need to know…and to find a company that’s willing to do that is really valuable.”

We want to add value, not just extract fees.  To that end, we’re not just service providers, we’re educators, and that’s one of the things that Monica values most. After we worked with her to launch Chaos to Order on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, Betadac shared with Chaos to Order the strategies they would need to proactively manage their presences and ensure they optimize appearance in search results. At the present time, Chaos to Order relies on Betadac to implement technical and design upgrades of a larger magnitude and constantly consult on the ever-changing market, which helps keep Chaos to Order ahead of the curve.

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