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The Illinois Association for College Admission Counseling (IACAC) relies on Betadac Media to manage its expanding online communications and marketing initiatives and advise on the development of technology to best serve its membership. IACAC programming ranges from professional development seminars and large conferences to student camps and tours of college campuses nationwide. They needed a lot more more than an ordinary website; they needed a comprehensive portal capable of representing a large system of content—some 200 pages’ worth in all—in a clean, navigable way. It’s often involved harmonizing multiple technologies, but Betadac helps the IACAC get from here to there.

“Dan has a true gift for having a vision that is oftentimes way ahead of what we have even imagined.”
– Carin Smith, former IACAC president.

The IACAC provides a rich, bellwether curriculum of events and programs for the 2,000 Illinois high school counselors and college admission officers that comprise its membership. They’re a non-profit professional organization with a bustling roster of initiatives to coordinate and Betadac is with them every page turn of the calendar. Betadac crafted the inaugural IACAC website over a decade ago, and he’s attentively overseen its progressive growth since then.

The IACAC had been paying a high price to reach its membership through traditional mailings such as newsletters and event brochures. Betadac helped the IACAC executive board successfully transition its operations online and reduce reliance on paper while encouraging members to renew via the web. We also had to develop a strategy that transitioned their membership toward expecting online communications and interacting with the IACAC digitally. Betadac manages a complex portfolio of IACAC initiatives, ensuring continuous cross-conversation between the association’s website, a bustling Facebook and Twitter presence, and a web-based membership signup and renewals system. Organizational communications are now typically conducted online, and the IACAC newsletter is exclusively digital. Members engage with one another over a vibrant listserv, and dozens of email campaigns are dispatched to thousands of existing and prospective members each month.

Betadac has served as a trusted technology advisor to numerous IACAC executive boards over the years. In fact, because the cabinet rotates annually, it’s Dan who in many ways serves as the organization’s institutional memory, coordinating the exchange of business-critical information and apprising incoming leaders on past projects.

“He’s fair, and a good listener. Tell him what you’re hoping for, tell him what your budget is, and then get out of the way, because he’s going to do great things for you.”

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