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Robin Iori moved to Chicago in 2010 with more than 20 years of experience in public relations and marketing. She had just founded Iori Communications to assist law, accounting and financial services organizations position and promote their businesses. But, she needed to jumpstart her new venture. Betadac Media helped get iori Communications up and running, online.

robin-iori-200-150x150iori Communications provides public relations and marketing support to the financial and professional services industries. The firm had recently relocated to Chicago and required an effective website to supplement its business development efforts in a new market. Betadac Media was engaged to create an affordable, compelling website that conveyed Iori Communications’ range of writing and media skills to clients across the country.

iori Communications was new to Chicago, which meant they needed they needed an effective and focused description of their services online, yesterday. She needed a website developer and and marketing services provider. Robin sought advice from trusted colleagues in her search and joined a networking group of vendors to the legal arena. After receiving Betadac’s name from two out of three contacts and a successful first meeting, Betadac was the selected team. Time was of the essence for Robin and she didn’t have a lot of it. Naturally, she was happy with Betadac’s ability to perform the bulk of discovery within a single meeting and have the site up and running in two weeks.

“Dan’s experienced eye in developing websites made the process manageable and hassle free. His responsiveness was especially helpful in view of my desire to have the website up and running in short order.”

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