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rudolph, chicago web design

Rudolph Trial Consulting provides a full suite of trial consulting services, both preparatory and post proceedings and in 2012, they were recognized by the National Law Journal as Chicago’s best jury consultant. They were intent on creating a website that would describe their broad range of services to the legal and business community.


In addition to preparing for trial, Rudolph Trial Consulting offers clients general case consulting and post-trial assistance and they needed a website that could convey their varied services. Rudolph had hired writers to help define their various offerings, however, at the time of the site build, Rudolph stakeholders were consumed with providing jury consulting services for a trial. Fortunately, after an initial meeting, Rudolph was able to hand-off what they had along with their goals.

Rudolph Trial Consulting’s website was completed within a month. It covers the six primary areas of their litigation consulting work as well as the articles they’ve written, awards received, and frequent speaking engagements. Rudolph took the graphics created through the website to their business cards and other marketing materials.

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