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Content Strategies and Copywriting.

A strait-laced style or character-loaded, we can talk your walk.

We help clients develop content that is both informative and effective at driving business. After all, your content strategy goes hand-in-hand with your other online channels like SEO, social and email. You need to have something to say first, though. We help our clients develop content strategies that naturally attract links, improve search engine rankings, and provide the foundation for overall marketing efforts.

Do you have a strategy for talking about topical issues you’ve been seeing lately? Do you have a copywriter that can effectively convey the information? Betadac can help you decide who to develop content for (say, past, current and prospective clients), and in what format (say, on your website and through a monthly email campaign at a minimum). It’s an investment and you have to give some to get some, but the getting is always greater than the giving.

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