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Email Marketing.

Email marketing might very well be your most effective marketing effort. It may not mean what you think and it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Email marketing can be the single most cost-effective channel for some companies. Betadac can graphically design compelling newsletters and correspondence if that design work makes sense for your audience and your budget. If that doesn’t fit the bill, email marketing is still usually a no-brainer.

Look, if you haven’t organized your contacts (past, current and prospective clients along with other key contacts) and tried to send them content that might inform them of issues you both care about, and keep your business or brand top of mind, you need to. If you can provide meaningful information in a frequency and format that is valued, you will get more business. In the absence of such efforts even fairly loyal and/or thoughtful people may forget or not realize you have a service that could help them. If you’re a little further along in your email marketing, perhaps at the audience segmenting stage, we can help there, too. But let’s get going and soon. Email marketing is a must-do for most businesses and brands.

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