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Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO has come a long way . . . toward what it ought to be.

And that’s really attributable to Google getting better at detecting companies that try to cheat their algorithms. We don’t “link build.” We build great content and corresponding strategies with it, which naturally attracts people linking to it, which is what the marketing game has always been about. Of course, we recommend strategies for trying to obtain links from obvious sources (for example, past and current clients).

Before we even get to the “off-site” optimization efforts though, you need a keyword strategy (i.e. an “on-site” optimization plan). Which portions of total searches should you own? You can’t own it all and you can’t even own everything that’s relevant to you. Betadac can develop your keyword strategy, merge it with your content strategy, and naturally attract links and traffic.

Being ranked highly on Google’s natural search engine results, for various searches that are relevant to you, is incredibly valuable. People assume Google is doing its job, and it’s instant credibility. It’s not about tricking Google (at least that’s not what we do), it’s about you needing to help Google, help you.

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